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Transport For Kaduna State, Ministry Of Works And Transport

ENDVI Project Kaduna State

BlueBerry ENDVI Systems’ Project is a 5 year Public Private Partnerships Project designed to centralize and automate all the processes of the Department of Motor Vehicle Administration and Road Traffic Department for a more effective & efficient service delivery.
All deployed assets by BlueBerry for the Project belong to the Kaduna State Government from inception hence to be handed over at the end of the partnership to Government. The partnership’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was entered in May 2014 and subsequently with the signing of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in December 2014.
Operations commenced in February 2015. The Project’s primary goal is to

  • Optimize the Revenue Generating Potential of the State
  • Enhance general Traffic/Transport Enforcement operations, Safety & Security.

It’s aimed to achieve a minimum of 2 billion Naira annual revenue accruable to the Kaduna State Government through the affairs of Road Traffic Department and Motor Vehicle Administration.

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